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    The case against Bitcoin as salary, Odell Beckham Jr. feeling the pinch

    Bitcoin continues falling highlighting the dangers of taking a salary in $BTC.


    94% of financial advisors received questions about crypto last year

    A recent survey revealed US-based financial advisors’ attitudes toward the volatile market, including whether they find it appropriate to allocate client assets to crypto.


    World’s first DeFi ETF to be listed on the Brazilian stock exchange in February

    The largest crypto asset manager in Latin America to offer investors a secure and regulated entry to DeFi.


    2021 was the year of institutional crypto adoption

    Last year will godown as the biggest year for cryptocurrencies in terms of adoption—both from institutions and corporations.


    Walmart Filings Reveal Plans to Create Cryptocurrency, NFTs

    Retailer taking steps toward meeting customers in metaverse Trademark filings show plan to make and sell virtual goods


    Elon Musk’s Tesla now support Dogecoin payment

    Tesla has revealed that users can now purchase some of its merchandise with Dogecoin.


    Facebook’s Meta is hiring staffs of its rivals to build the metaverse

    Meta is targeting staff of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality (AR) for its metaverse plans.


    Zipmex to launch crypto Visa card and seeks NFT licence

    Zipmex Thailand is preparing to launch a crypto Visa debit card service and plans to apply for a licence for a non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform this year with the goal of expanding its business in the digital asset industry.



    This guide to using a bitcoin hardware wallet explains everything you need to know to securely store and control your bitcoin.


    How big is crypto? Comparing the market to traditional asset classes

    Crypto market size vs precious metals, real estate, equities, GDPs, public debt, student debt, etc.


    More Banks Will Adopt Cryptocurrency in 2022: Here's Why

    As cryptocurrencies become more commonplace in society, banks are beginning to adapt.


    Australian Open embraces blockchain tech, incorporates NFTs and metaverse

    Fans experience during Australian Open is about to change as the tournament introduces them to Metaverse and NFTs.


    Nike makes crucial Metaverse move following acquisition of NFT collectibles firm

    The sporting goods giant seeks to leverage the Metaverse design expertise of RTFKT to advance its own.


    The number of installed Bitcoin ATMs more than doubled in 2021

    During this year, crypto made several huge leaps as far as mainstream adoption goes–one of the stats reflecting this fact is the number of Bitcoin ATMs.


    The biggest small business story of 2021? Blockchain

    The real story this year is the explosion of digital transactions that will spawn a new economy of entrepreneurs and create trillions in wealth


    Survey shows 44% of student loan borrowers plan to invest in crypto or NFTs

    During the student loan freeze in the US, only 12% of borrowers continued with payments, but what is the rest doing with the extra cash?


    Cryptocurrency: Way Of Payment Or Investing

    Cryptocurrency is the new currency. The intensity of this new cryptocurrency has almost reached a fever pitch, with more and more people looking to invest in cryptocurrency than ever before.


    Three metrics showing how 2021 has finally been the year of institutional adoption

    For those that have been around crypto for several years, there is a high chance that they have heard the phrase: “institutions are coming”


    Internet vs. crypto adoption chart predicts 1 billion users by 2027

    Although crypto users currently form only a small percentage of the global population, the rise of Web3.0 is expected to hasten adoption rates.


    BBVA Switzerland becomes the first traditional bank in Europe to add Ethereum to its crypto offering

    BBVA’s Swiss franchise announced adding Ethereum to its cryptocurrency custody and trading service.


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