[Deposit/Withdrawal] Temporary Suspension of ATOM deposit/withdrawal due to network upgrade (09/13 17:00)


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2023-09-11 10:22

Dear Traders, Deposit/withdrawal of ATOM will be temporarily suspended due to its network upgrade. Upgrade Information - [Details of ATOM upgrade] Suspension schedule - 2023-09-13 17:00 SGT ~ Until further notice. *If you attempt to deposit ATOM during the suspension, the deposit amount may not be reflected to your Upbit account. Furthermore, such amount may not be restorable. *Please have this in mind and do not deposit ATOM during the suspension. FAQ - ATOM trading will not be affected. - To protect your asset, Upbit will work closely with ATOM Team. We will notify if there is any further update on the upgrade. Thank you. Upbit Team. Find us on : - X: [https://X.com/upbitglobal] - Instagram : [https://www.instagram.com/upbit.exchange]