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2023-01-05 15:28
This might be something 🤑 New mining with face verification just like coredao....*Mining is just for 200 days with a very limited total supply of 1.9m* ..don't fade out 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽..will be massive Visit the and install App https://www.coin-cept.com/ Register Invitation Code 407942 Do face verification Mine every 24hrs You have just 200 days to mine (BOL) is the virtual currency that has been issued by the Coincept(common concept) exchange. Through specific algorithm calculation, Pos consensus mechanism. The BOL covers a decentralized financ momial platform in which the DEX of the exchange is Coincept(the common concept), the oracle, derivatives, smart contract insurance, mortgage lending, and cross-chain asset transaction are shown. It will be shown as an important part in the Coincept ecology, and in the future, it will be applied in the Coincept platform and other ecological chain projects Coincept has been invested. At the core of BOL is a token built on the BNB Smart C
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