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NewsHuobi brand upgraded to Huobi



2023-01-05 19:46
Huobi, one of the three exchanges, renamed Huobi and re-entered the Chinese market. All mainland users, both new and old users, need to re-register their real names. Permanent commission to get soft, understand. I got you a Huobi bridal kit https://www.huobi.com.bo/zh-cn/v/register/double-invite/?invite_code=wvyq6223&inviter_id=11345710 With the change of major shareholder to 100 domain Capital, the recently renamed Huobi completely bid farewell to the founder of the "Li Lin era". On November 22, Jiemijian News learned that Huobi Global, formerly China's largest cryptocurrency trading platform, changed its Chinese name from "Huobi" to "Huobi", while its English name was reduced from "Huobi Global" to "Huobi". At the same time, the Logo changed from cyan to dark blue and black. According to Sun Yuchen, a member of Huobi's global advisory board, Huobi personally designed its new name and Logo. "We will always adhere to the 1:1 margin model and believe Huobi can strengthen its market leadership and return to the top three [cryptocurrency trading platforms]," he said at a Huobi press conference held in Singapore. Sun is also the founder of TRON, a public chain project. The latest download is bihuocn.com The name change comes at a time of upheaval in the cryptocurrency world, with panic spreading through the markets as a result of the collapse of FTX, a debt crisis of tens of billions of dollars that has left most financial institutions under pressure to lose both users and funds, and several on the verge of bankruptcy. However, according to Sun Yuchen, Huobi has stabilized its footing by turning positive a few days ago. Huobi registration to receive seven major gifts, without climbing over the wall, the previous mobile phone number registration can be
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