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NewsLODI coin CEO blames Filipino investors for -98% token dump

Aldrin Aquino on YT


2022-09-21 16:30

Lodi coin launched last September 20,2022. According to PH Metaverse, the price dropped to 95% in the first 10min after launch. Here is brief summary for you to understand. As well as the statements of their CEO.


- Lodicoin announced the launch at 11 AM

- They decided to launch it at 10 AM without announcing.

- Minutes later 1 user started selling a huge amount of $LODI wiping out the $9,000 from the LP (60%).  

- The wallet only left around $6,000 LP

- Small investors saw the chart causing them to panic sell

- Wiping out more than $4,000 from the LP

- The LP dropped to $1,300, then went back to $3,000 after some people buy-the-dip.

CEO response:
- "I fell sad for you guys (FIlipino), kawawa"
- "You are ignorant (not stupid) and super toxic for some reason"
- "We mention multiple times do not sell"
- "that cause people , mostly Filipinos btw, to start selling.., after we told people to don't sell"
- "US crypto people are helping the Filipino crypto people by telling don't sell" (what? )
- "we didn't rugpull"
- "we are rich why we gonna dump $9000, come on guys" (we summarized this part)

Now, for my fellow Filipinos out there who invested in this token, what are your thoughts?

I want to comment, too
Gigi earn2022-09-22 21:21
magiging okay paba tong lodicoin lods? sana ma okay na - Ruel Amor/Gigiearn
MikeJerrolRamosOnYT2022-09-22 14:55
tataas pa kaya ito idol? o baka ma rugpull na
Veeca2022-09-22 12:31
May pag-asa pa kaya ang Lodi Coin?
Wilfred Reynon2022-09-21 23:04
idol. nakita ko to sa mga barkada ko dati .narinig ko na rin about Dito sa lodicoins. na busy lang ako kaya medyo de ko to napansin dati. -Wilfred Reynon
AkosiConyoGaming2022-09-21 22:35
Bro. narinig ko nato dti ang Lodicoins. my nag alok sa akin nito non. . dahil busy ako kaya diko naasikaso. medyo nagulat ako sa news. taas pa kaya sia? - Akosiconyo gaming