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NewsWill you invest in LODI Coin?

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2022-09-21 10:30

Lodi coin launched yesterday, September 20, 2022. According to PH Metaverse, the price of the coin dropped 95% in the first ten minutes after the launch. We've seen this scenario several times before in the crypto space. Some were able to recover while  some continued to downslide. Now that it lost 95% of its value, what do you think will happen to this coin?

Before you answer, let's take a look at what LODI Coin is. According to, Lodi coin is a Binance Smart Chain-based utility coin that will power the LodiApp’s transactions. To purchase tokens, users can take part in the LodiCoin ICO. The coin will be used to list, buy and sell NFTs. Lodi Coin will have its own wallet and marketplace. The main plan is to create a convenient platform for creatives and other professionals to create and sell NFTs in a more convenient way and with less transaction fees.

Yesterday the LODI coin team shared this post on their twitter account, "1. Buy the DIP, 2. HODL". So will you buy this coin? Will you buy the DIP?

I want to comment, too
jonathan saba2022-09-24 22:45
Hindi Sir,,kasi mas prefer invest sa legit/stable
Father Of Humanity 2022-09-24 22:15
Maybe Pero Hindi Parin Ako Handa Kaya Kailangan Kopang Pag Aralan Ang Lodi Coin At Ang Mundo Ng Crypto
Hunter NFT academia PH2022-09-24 11:40
i don't think so bro
Jeremy Dionson2022-09-21 22:46
will you invest in lodi coin?