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Marketglobal construction industry will enter a "supercycle"



2021-08-17 14:24
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  • Market analysis: European and American governments spend money to build infrastructure and push for emissions reduction. Industry executives predict that the global construction industry will enter a "supercycle", and the demand for cement and other building materials will continue to explode for several years. The Financial Times reported on the 9th that Jan Jenisch, CEO of Holcim, a leading global cement manufacturer, predicted,Developed countries are overhauling infrastructure, and the construction boom will continue for several years He said: "The stimulus case will start slowly and drive demand in the next four to five years. I think the construction and building materials industry will enter a "super cycle."Fernando González, CEO of Mexican peer Cemex, agrees. He said that the stimulus case in advanced countries will boost cement demand in emerging markets through remittance and trade. Noble Francis, Director of Construction Products Association, agrees with the above view,It is believed that the construction industry in major markets will have a long-term super cycle. Infrastructure projects and the implementation of net zero emissions by governments of various countries are both important contributions. Related stimulus cases include the $1 trillion infrastructure project proposed by U.S. President Biden,The EU is ready to release 800 billion euros of recovery fund;British Prime Minister Johnson also plans to allocate 600 billion pounds to build infrastructure in the next five years. Cemex Chief Financial Officer Maher Al-Haffar predicts that once the Biden Infrastructure case is passed, the demand for cement in the United States will increase by 20% to 30%. However, he also emphasized that the scale of this super cycle is not comparable to the super cycle triggered by China's unprecedented growth in the 2000s.He said that the scale of this super cycle is considerable, but it may not be as good as the 2000s, but it will last longer. Holcim H1 Earnings New Record According to MarketWatch, Holcim announced its first half-year financial report at the end of July. Recurring EBIT (earnings before interest before tax), free cash flow, and earnings per share all set unprecedented records. In the first half of 2021, Holcim's net sales increased by 16.6% year-on-year to 12.556 billion Swiss francs. During this period, recurring EBIT broke a new high, reaching 1.983 billion Swiss francs, an annual increase of 72.2%. Earnings per share soared 77.8% to 1.43 Swiss francs. Free cash flow reached 814 million Swiss francs.
global construction industry will enter a "supercycle"
global construction industry will enter a "supercycle"
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