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Company Registration goes beyond their business with the licenses South Korea RKCF (license number: 220-88-61399), please be aware of the risk!

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2023-09-20 18:47
As a cryptocurrency trader, I am very satisfied with korbit's service. The interface of this trading platform is intuitive, and the wide variety of cryptocurrencies gives me more investment options. +1!
As a cryptocurrency trader, I am very satisfied with korbit's service. The interface of this trading platform is intuitive, and the wide variety of cryptocurrencies gives me more investment options. +1!


2023-09-19 14:11
good froject
good froject


2021-02-23 17:54
It claimed that it was a Koreanproject while it freezes many users' accounts now! The customer service doesn't reply!
It claimed that it was a Koreanproject while it freezes many users' accounts now! The customer service doesn't reply!


Exchange Name korbit
Founded Year 2011
Regulatory Agency RKCF(exceeded)
Cryptocurrencies Available Bitcoin (₿), Ethereum (Ξ), Ripple, BitcoinCash, Cardano
Fees Varies based on trading volume, with maker fee at 0.08% and taker fee at 0.2%.
Payment method Bank TransfersCryptocurrency DepositsCredit and Debit CardsATMs and OTC Services
Customer support Phone:1661-9707,Email Address: info@korbit.co.kr

Overview of korbit

  Korbit is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange offering favorable terms, popular markets, and a well-functioning trading terminal. Key benefits include basic technical analysis tools, a low entry threshold, and below-average trading fees. Users can reduce fees further by raising their trading level and accessing Traders Union rebates. Suitable for beginners, experienced traders, and investors, the platform provides staking opportunities for income.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Favorable terms and access to popular markets TU Overall Score and ranking
Well-functioning trading terminal Lack of a dedicated mobile application
Basic technical analysis tools Limited cryptocurrency offerings
Low entry threshold Security and reliability concerns
Competitive commissions and fees Absence of a referral program
Fee reduction opportunities
Versatility for different user groups
Income from staking

  Korbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, exhibits both strengths and weaknesses in its platform and services:


  •   Favorable Terms and Access to Markets: Korbit offers users favorable terms of cooperation and access to a broad array of popular cryptocurrency markets, allowing traders to engage with a diverse range of digital assets.

  •   Well-Functioning Trading Terminal: The exchange boasts a well-functioning trading terminal that facilitates smooth and efficient trading experiences, enhancing user satisfaction and ease of use.

  •   Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Providing basic functions for technical analysis, Korbit assists traders in making informed decisions by offering essential tools to analyze market trends and price movements.

  •   Low Entry Threshold: The low entry threshold enables both novice and experienced traders to participate, promoting inclusivity within the platform and attracting a broader user base.

  •   Competitive Commissions and Fees: Korbit's trading commissions and fees are positioned below the market average, further appealing to traders looking for cost-effective trading solutions.

  •   Disadvantages:

    •   Mixed Client Reviews: Expert analysis indicates that a significant portion of Korbit's clients are dissatisfied, highlighting potential issues with the platform's service quality and user experiences.

    •   TU Overall Score and Ranking: With a TU Overall Score of 2.33 out of 10 and a ranking of 110 out of 199 in the TU Rating, Korbit's performance raises concerns about its overall risk level and competitiveness in comparison to other exchanges.

    •   Lack of Mobile Application: The absence of a dedicated mobile application might limit user accessibility and convenience, particularly for traders who prefer trading on the go.

    •   Limited Cryptocurrency Offerings: While offering a variety of cryptocurrencies, Korbit's selection might not be as extensive as some other exchanges, potentially limiting the choices available to traders.

    • Regulatory Authority

        Korbit operates under the oversight of the Repository of Korea's Corporate Filings(RKCF), the exchange holds the regulation number 220-88-61399. However, the current status is exceeded, meaning that the company Registration goes beyond their business with the licenses South Korea RKCF.



        Korbit employs a robust set of security measures to safeguard user funds, personal information, and the overall integrity of the platform. Some of these security measures include:

        1. Advanced Encryption: Korbit employs strong encryption protocols to protect sensitive data, including user account information, transaction details, and personal identification. This encryption ensures that even if unauthorized access occurs, the data remains unreadable.

        2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Users are encouraged to enable 2FA, which adds an extra layer of security to their accounts. This requires a second authentication factor, usually generated by a mobile app or sent via SMS, in addition to the regular password.

        3. Cold Storage: A significant portion of user funds is stored in offline cold wallets. These wallets are not directly connected to the internet, making them less susceptible to hacking attempts compared to hot wallets, which are online and more accessible.

        4. Multi-Signature Wallets: Multi-signature technology requires multiple private keys to authorize transactions. This adds another layer of security since a single compromised key wouldn't be sufficient to access funds.

        5. Regular Security Audits: Korbit likely conducts routine security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential weaknesses in its systems. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks before they can be exploited.

        6. Account Activity Monitoring: Unusual or suspicious account activity triggers alerts and possible security checks. This helps prevent unauthorized access and provides users with immediate awareness of any potential breaches.

      Cryptocurrencies Available

        Korbit offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies for trading, providing users access to popular digital assets such as Bitcoin (₿), Ethereum (Ξ), Ripple, BitcoinCash, Cardano, and numerous other cryptocurrencies. With over thirty markets available, traders on the Korbit platform can engage in transactions involving a wide spectrum of digital coins and tokens, catering to various investment preferences and strategies.

      Trading Fees

        For makers, those who provide liquidity to the market, the fee stands at a competitive rate of 0.08%. Takers, who execute trades that immediately match existing orders, are charged a fee of 0.2%. These fees, which may vary with trading volume and market conditions, play a significant role in the overall cost of trading on the platform. As always, it's advisable to consult Korbit's official website or trading interface for the most current and accurate fee information before engaging in any transactions.

      Payment Methods

        Korbit offers a wide range of payment methods including bank transfers, cryptocurrency deposits, credit and debit cards, online payment platforms, local payment methods, prepaid cards, and ATMs/OTC services.

      Exchange Comparison

      Exchange Korbit Binance Coinbase
      Number of Tradable Cryptocurrencies Varies, Check Platform for Updates Extensive, 100s of Cryptocurrencies Limited, Core Cryptocurrencies
      Website URL Korbit Binance Coinbase

      User Review

        User 1:

        Man, I've been using Korbit for a while now, and the security they have in place is rock-solid. I sleep easy knowing my crypto is safe. Plus, their regulation by the FSC gives me confidence in their legitimacy. The interface is smooth, seriously easy to navigate even for a newbie like me. But there's a snag – liquidity can be a bit unpredictable, especially with certain altcoins. They've got a decent selection of cryptos, though not as extensive as some other exchanges. Their customer support? Meh, I've had mixed experiences – sometimes quick, other times a bit slow. And trading fees? Well, they're not bad, especially if you trade more. So, yeah, good on security and interface, but room to improve on customer support and liquidity.

        User 2:

        Alright, so my take on Korbit – their interface? Seriously sleek and user-friendly. Trading is a breeze. But hang on, their trading fees can be a bit of a bummer, especially if you're not a high-volume trader. Liquidity-wise, it's been pretty smooth sailing for me, even with some lesser-known cryptos. But, and this is a big “but,” their customer support needs a serious upgrade. I had an issue with a withdrawal that took ages to resolve. On the upside, they've got a fair variety of cryptos to choose from. Security is solid, and the FSC regulation is a plus. Privacy-wise, could be clearer – like, what happens to our data, you know? Deposit and withdrawal speed, well, it's been hit or miss for me. All in all, a decent exchange but with a few bumps in the road.


        Q: What cryptocurrencies can I trade on Korbit?

        A: Korbit offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including well-known options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a selection of altcoins.

        Q: How user-friendly is the trading interface?

        A: Korbit prides itself on providing a user-friendly and intuitive trading interface.

        Q: Is liquidity a concern on Korbit?

        A: Korbit maintains a reasonable level of liquidity for most cryptocurrencies, ensuring smooth trading experiences. However, liquidity might vary depending on the specific coin.

        Q: Can I deposit and withdraw easily?

        A: Deposits and withdrawals can be done through various methods, such as bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. However, processing times may vary based on the chosen method.

        Q: Does Korbit offer advanced order types?

        A: Yes, Korbit provides a range of order types to cater to different trading strategies, including limit orders and market orders.


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