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Is Illuvium the first fun crypto RPG video game?

Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Defi 2022-03-26 14:16

Finance Redefined: Hoskinson talks about DApps, Coinbase Cloud launches Avalanche tools and more

In this week's DeFi newsletter we discuss Cardanoanc founder's admission about his Dapp prediction, Coinbase Cloud's latest Avalanche based developer tool, some of the biggest gainsers and much more.

Defi 2022-03-25 16:05

Synthetix commence debt pool merger to enhance liquidity and staking capabilities

The debt pool merger of L1 and L2 will begin at 9pm UTC, and is expected to be completed by 11pm UTC.

Defi 2022-03-24 20:29

Charles Hoskinson cheekily admits: 'I was wrong' about DApp rollout

Charles Hoskinson has cheekily admitted he was wrong, while humble bragging about the state of Cardano. But while the network has seen tremendous growth in 2022, it still lacks the “thousands of DApps” Hoskinson aimed for in 2020.

Defi 2022-03-24 03:30

Coinbase Cloud launches Avalanche developer tools suite

The Avalanche smart contract platform will enjoy support from developers through the Coinbase Cloud Web3 developer support community. Bitcoin will also be added to the Avalanche Bridge for DeFi exposure.

Defi 2022-03-23 01:48

One-stop digital asset management service BitKeep positions itself as gateway to Web3 in latest update

DeFi is gaining in complexity, meaning its gateways are too

Defi 2022-03-22 12:29

SushiSwap community proposes Swiss legal structure to limit DAO liability

The proposer estimates an upfront expense of up to $100,000 and a recurring cost of $10,000 to set up the foundation

Defi 2022-03-21 08:33

Li Finance protocol loses $600,000 in latest DeFi exploit

The Li Finance DeFi swap aggregator was exploited for about $600,000 as users who gave infinite approvals for the DEX took the brunt of the damage. The team has reimbursed most users.

Defi 2022-03-21 05:56

Jack Dorsey’s Block joins $41M funding for Japanese fintech Kyash

Funds will go to hiring personnel and boosting product growth.

Defi 2022-03-17 17:45

Aussie fintech to offer mainstream direct access to DeFi with a fixed rate

Australian fintech company Block Earner is offering everyday investors a fixed yield investment product via direct access to lending in decentralized finance products, Aave and Compound.

Defi 2022-03-17 08:12