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This Week's Noteworthy Events (2023.11.20-2023.11.26)

WikiBit 2023-11-20 15:10

Abstract:WikiBit has summarized 6 events worth paying attention to this week

WikiBit has summarized 6 events worth paying attention to this week:

Coinbase to Shut Down Retail-Focused Bitcoin Loan Service on November 20th

Coinbase has announced the closure of its Bitcoin lending service for retail customers on November 20. Users are required to settle outstanding balances before this date, and in case of overdue payments, the exchange will sell Bitcoin collateral to settle the loans. This requirement only applies to retail customers, and institutional users are not affected.

Pyth Network: Retroactive Airdrop to Open at 22:00 on November 20th

Pyth Network announced on the X platform that its retroactive airdrop will open on November 20 at 22:00 (UTC+8), with a validity period of 90 days for claiming. The deadline for claiming on the airdrop page is set until February 18, 2024.

Chain game Cradles (CRDS), previously backed by Animoca, is set to launch on the Bybit Launchpad.

According to official sources, the 3A Web3 chain game Cradles will launch its CRDS token on the Bybit Launchpad on November 22. In February of last year, Cradles announced the completion of a $5 million private placement, led by Animoca Brands, with participation from Sfermion, Spartan Group, HTX Ventures, Mirana Ventures, and others.

Cradles (CRDS), a blockchain game previously invested in by Animoca, is set to launch on the Bybit Launchpad

According to the recent report from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, the blockchain game Fusionist will officially start its second beta test on November 22. The test will be expanded to 3000 participants to further improve the game quality. The testing will take place on the Steam platform, and 3000 activation codes will be distributed through the Fusionist team's web game Expedition 3.0 and operational activities.

In addition, Odaily has exclusively learned that the Fusionist team's developed Endurance game mainnet will soon announce the development of its Layer 2 and AA wallet. Fusionist and a South Korean gaming company will deploy new game products on the Endurance ecosystem to establish a more complete Endurance ecosystem.

In June of this year, Fusionist completed a $6.6 million seed round of financing, led by Binance Labs and FunPlus. Furthermore, the gaming magazine Famitsu gave Fusionist's gameplay and graphics quality extremely high praise, giving it a 9/10 rating with high expectations.

Justin Sun Left a Message on the Chain to the Attacker of Poloniex: “I Have Confirmed Your Identity and Am Willing to Provide a $10 Million WhitE-hat Bounty

Justin Sun left a message on the attacker's blockchain via Poloniex: ”We have confirmed your identity, and the police in China, the United States, and Russia have also intervened. All stolen funds have been marked and tracked and cannot be used. The counterparties will be frozen. Return (the funds) by November 25, 2023, and we will provide a $10 million white hat bounty. If not returned by then, police forces from multiple countries will take action.

An address named “jesuswasdead.eth” left a message to Sun Yuchen, stating, “The attacker is from Poland, not Russia.”

Jupiter Will Conduct the First Round Airdrop of 1 Billion Jup This Week, with 955,000 Eligible Wallets

The Solana ecosystem trading aggregator Jupiter Exchange has announced detailed information about the JUP community airdrop. The total supply of JUP is 10 billion tokens, and 40% will be distributed to the community through four rounds of airdrops. The first round will allocate 10% of the tokens (1 billion tokens), and those eligible for the airdrop are the 955,000 wallets that interacted directly with Jupiter before November 2nd.

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