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Ten Projects Shortlisted for the ETH Global Istanbul Hackathon

WikiBit 2023-11-20 20:51

Abstract:ETH Global recently announced the top 10 projects selected for the ETH Global Istanbul Hackathon on the X platform: Clade Club, S.C.I, BridgeBuddy, Buddy-Guard, Sarma, AidDistribute, TapTrust, Footy Stars,, Lens & Frens

ETH Global recently announced the top 10 projects selected for the ETH Global Istanbul Hackathon on the X platform:

  • Clade Club

  • S.C.I

  • BridgeBuddy

  • Buddy-Guard

  • Sarma

  • AidDistribute

  • TapTrust

  • Footy Stars


  • Lens & Frens

Clade Club

The Clade Club aims to influence DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structures by addressing issues of fairness, efficiency, and transparency. It combines secondary voting, facial recognition KYC (Know Your Customer) via Worldcoin, and a unique session-based decision-making process, eliminating the dependency on governance tokens for voting rights.


S.C.I. is an on-chain contract-to-domain verification protocol that primarily focuses on creating a permissionless, transparent, and secure ecosystem, enabling users to easily interact with their favorite DApps. It is committed to addressing three aspects:

  • Verifiability: We utilize ENS and a set of custom smart contracts to build an on-chain DNS domain-to-address verification system, allowing domain owners to whitelist the contracts their pages should interact with.

  • Reliability: As our system cannot rely entirely on domain owners, we've developed a product that provides users with the possibility to flag potentially malicious domains or contracts through an authentication system.

  • Accessibility: We possess various tools to assist users in proactively identifying threats and vulnerabilities within the Web3 ecosystem.


The Chain-Agnostic Wallet utilizes Hyperlane Warp Routes and Safe Core to automatically bridge assets when needed.


An application designed for the safety of individuals, especially solo females, leaving group gatherings late at night. Users can add their social circles as 'Guardian Friends' who can help monitor their whereabouts and provide support when necessary.


Sarma has implemented a primitive called Sarma, which achieves the duality of public/private execution on any EVM. It can also operate cross-chain across multiple EVM chains. Users can write the public part of smart contracts using Solidity as usual. When private execution and addressing are required, Sarma (an encrypted UTXO-style blob) can achieve privacy.


AidDistribute is a mechanism that ensures stablecoin direct transfers are traceable and responsible.


TapTrust provides a unique, gasless participation method by leveraging NFC technology and Ethereum's account abstraction. Each tap of the NFC chip signs a transaction and utilizes a new address to maintain privacy. This innovative approach provides each user with a new private address, ensuring anonymity while fostering transparent event interactions.

Footy Stars

FootyStars is the world's first validated football simulator, paving the way for immersive fantasy football matches involving real-world stakes. For the first time in history, Fantasy Football transcends being just a game, evolving into a genuine football management simulator.

Verifiable Simulations: Match outcomes are “trustless,” meaning anyone can verify the simulations' accurate execution by comparing the simulated results. Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) are generated from off-chain zkML (Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning).

ZKvote utilizes zero-knowledge proofs via Polygon ID to create a privacy-preserving voting system, ensuring users' anonymity and the uniqueness of their votes.

Lens & Frens

Lens & Frens is a user-friendly zero-knowledge (zk) ticketing system integrated into the DevConnect login framework. It allows the creation of tickets across multiple blockchains, ensuring each ticket is secure and verifiable. Additionally, it integrates a method to verify Lens Protocol profiles, enabling ticket holders to prove their identity through decentralized social media accounts on the Lens platform.

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