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CRV Whale Accumulation Drives 12% Surge In Price: Over 50 Million Tokens Traded

WikiBit 2023-09-25 11:59

Abstract:CRV Whale Accumulation Drives 12% Surge In Price: Over 50 Million Tokens Traded

CRV Whale Accumulation has sparked a remarkable 12% surge in its price. The total volume of these transactions now exceeds 50 million $CRV tokens, equivalent to around $27 million in value.

Just six hours ago, wallet address “0xDf14” made a substantial withdrawal, taking out 5.12 million $CRV tokens, valued at approximately $2.7 million, from Binance.

The move is part of a larger trend, with the same wallet having withdrawn a total of 19.56 million $CRV, equivalent to around $10.33 million, from Binance over the past three days.

What‘s intriguing is that this whale has gone further by staking all of its $CRV holdings on Convex, signaling strong confidence in the token’s future prospects.

Whale Activity Fuels CRV Surge

The impact of these whale movements on $CRV has been remarkable. The token witnessed a significant price surge of approximately 12% today, largely attributed to the accumulation efforts by these influential players.

Moreover, “0xEfb8” withdrew 5.78 million $CRV, equivalent to about $3.02 million, from Binance in the past seven hours. Meanwhile, “0x171c” appears to be preparing to offload $CRV, indicating potential market shifts.

Mixed Signals in CRV

However, not all news is bullish for $CRV. A whale known as “0x171c” transferred a notable 1,927,776 $CRV, valued at $998,973, to Binance.

Previously, “0x171c” removed liquidity from various pairs, including $CRV, $ETH, and $crvUSD (worth 3 million dollars) on Curve, hinting at a bearish sentiment during the ongoing bullish trend, which could potentially impact $CRVs future performance.

In a surprising twist, “0x171c” received a substantial amount of $CRV, followed by adding liquidity.

Additionally, Lookonchain reported that after the recent $CRV price surge, Michael Egorov deposited a significant 23.26 million $CRV (equivalent to $12.3 million) into Silo. Egorov then borrowed 3.75 million $crvUSD within just one hour. Subsequently, there was an exchange of 3.75 million $crvUSD for $USDT, and the debt was promptly repaid on Aave.

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