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Binance Takes Action Against Fraudulent Entity In Nigeria, CZ Warns Users

Binance Takes Action Against Fraudulent Entity In Nigeria, CZ Warns Users WikiBit 2023-06-19 15:51

Binance Takes Action Against Fraudulent Entity In Nigeria, CZ Warns Users

In a recent development, Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, took to Twitter to address a fraudulent entity operating under the name “Binance Nigeria Limited.”

CZ stated that Binance has issued a suspension notice to this entity, urging them to cease their operations immediately. Furthermore, he warned users not to trust any information associated with this fraudulent entity, advising them to rely solely on official announcements from the platform.

This action comes after the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) publicly declared that Binance Nigeria Limited is not registered with or regulated by the commission. As a result, the SEC classified the entitys operations in Nigeria as illegal. The announcement by the SEC raised concerns regarding the legitimacy and compliance of the entity, prompting the firm to take swift action against it.

Binance, one of the worlds largest


exchanges, is known for its commitment to regulatory compliance and the security of its users. The suspension notice serves as a strong stance against fraudulent entities attempting to operate under the brand in unauthorized ways. By issuing this notice, the platform aims to protect its reputation and prevent potential harm to users in Nigeria.

CZs tweet acts as a cautionary message to users, emphasizing the importance of verifying information from official sources and being vigilant against potential scams. Users are advised to exercise caution when engaging with any entity claiming to be associated with Nigeria Limited and to report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

As the cryptocurrency industry grows, regulatory compliance remains a crucial aspect. Binances proactive approach in addressing this fraudulent entity demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for its users. By taking swift action and issuing a suspension notice, the firm aims to safeguard its reputation and protect users from potential fraudulent activities.

As the situation unfolds, Binance will continue to work closely with relevant authorities and take necessary steps to ensure compliance with regulations and provide a safe environment for its global user base.


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