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Coinbase Is Still A Winner Despite SEC’s Attempt To Slow Down Crypto Industry

WikiBit 2023-06-07 15:29

Abstract:Coinbase Is Still A Winner Despite SEC’s Attempt To Slow Down Crypto Industry

  • The SEC‘s attempt to regulate Coinbase is unlikely to succeed due to the company’s strong regulatory compliance and public status.

The SEC‘s recent move to go after Coinbase has caused concern within the crypto community as it is seen as an attempt to regulate the industry. However, many experts believe that the SEC’s effort to regulate Coinbase will not succeed.

As stated by the Helius CEO, Coinbase is the most regulatory-compliant firm in the crypto industry and has created thousands of jobs. Its regulatory compliance is one of its strongest selling points and has been a major reason for its success. The company is also a public company, which makes it more difficult for the SEC to regulate it.

Additionally, Coinbase has been preparing for this kind of regulatory scrutiny for years, adding world-class legal, policy, and regulatory talent to its team. This talent has been instrumental in helping Coinbase navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the crypto industry. The companys legal team is considered world-class, and its CEO, Brian Armstrong, is known for being a killer in the industry.

The SEC‘s attempt to slow down the crypto industry is nothing new, as similar attempts have been made in the past against other industries such as automobiles, radio, and telecom. Despite the SEC’s efforts, the crypto industry is a global movement with an insane amount of talent working on this technology in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Dubai, India, Turkey, and parts of Europe. The SEC‘s actions may hurt the USA’s ability to compete in the global crypto market, but they will not stop the progress of the industry.

It is believed that lobbyists and politicians directed the SEC to slow down the crypto industry to pave the way for CBDC. This is the oldest trick in the book that has been pulled against various industries in the past. While the road ahead may not be easy, Coinbase and other members of the crypto community must put aside their differences and advocate for the future of the industry they believe in. The crypto industry has the potential to revolutionize the financial system, and it is up to industry leaders to work together to ensure its success.

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