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Arbitrums 700 Million ARB Return Proposal Fails, Deemed a Power Play by Whale – Heres What Happened

WikiBit 2023-04-14 01:32

Abstract: The bulk majority of ARB token holders have voted against a proposal demanding the return of 700 million ARB tokens to the Arbitrum DAO Treasury.

Image source: Pixabay


The bulk majority of ARB token holders have voted against a proposal demanding the return of 700 million ARB tokens to the Arbitrum DAO Treasury.

大多数 arb 代币持有者投票反对要求将 7 亿个 arb 代币返还给 arbitrum dao 财政部的提案。

The final results, which come after a seven-day voting period that started on APRIL 8, show that more than 84% of ARB token holders rejected the Arbitrum Improvement Proposal AIP-1.05.

在 4 月 8 日开始的为期 7 天的投票期之后得出的最终结果表明,超过 84% 的 arb 代币持有人拒绝了 arbitrum 改进提案 aip-1.05。

In total, 141 million ARB tokens were cast during voting. Of those votes, 118 million voted against, while 21 million voted 'FOR.' Another 2 million ARB holders abstained from voting.

投票期间总共投放了 1.41 亿个 arb 代币。在这些选票中,有 1.18 亿人投了反对票,而 2100 万人投了“赞成票”。另有 200 万 arb 持有人弃权。

The proposal was introduced after the Arbitrum Foundation transferred 700 million ARB tokens without community approval in March, stirring up concern among some community members.

该提案是在 arbitrum 基金会在 3 月份未经社区批准的情况下转移了 7 亿个 arb 代币后提出的,引起了一些社区成员的关注。

According to the proposal, the foundation should only proceed with its budget plan after returning the tokens. The proposal read:


This is a symbolic gesture to demonstrate that the governance holders ultimately control the DAO, not the Arbitrum service provider nor the Foundation.

这是一个象征性的姿态,表明治理持有人最终控制了 dao,而不是 arbitrum 服务提供商或基金会。

On the governance forum, a WHALE with 4.8 million ARB tokens said the proposal “seems to only serve as a power play” that would add an “unnecessary STEP” and delay the Foundation's ability “to support the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem.”

在治理论坛上,拥有 480 万个 arb 代币的鲸鱼表示,该提案“似乎只是一种权力游戏”,会增加“不必要的步骤”,并延迟基金会“支持 arbitrum 生态系统发展”的能力。

Another whale voting against the proposal with 18 million ARB tokens stated that balance is necessary to promote decentralization and progress in the ecosystem.

另一只鲸鱼以 1800 万个 arb 代币投票反对该提案,表示平衡对于促进生态系统的去中心化和进步是必要的。

“There is a balance that we need to try to accomplish between advocating for decentralization and preventing progress in the ecosystem. I believe that decentralization on its ideal FORM is nowhere to be seen in this industry yet.”


The dispute between the Arbitrum Foundation and its community started at the end of March after the organization revealed the AIP-1, which called for funding its operations with 750 million ARB tokens – worth nearly $1 billion.

arbitrum 基金会与其社区之间的争端始于 3 月底,当时该组织披露了 aip-1,该 aip-1 要求用 7.5 亿个 arb 代币为其运营提供资金——价值近 10 亿美元。

Following backlash from community members, the foundation said in a forum post on April 2 that AIP-1 was a ratification, not a proposal. It added that some of the tokens were already sold for stablecoins.

在社区成员的强烈反对之后,该基金会在 4 月 2 日的一篇论坛帖子中表示,aip-1 是一项批准,而不是一项提案。它补充说,一些代币已经以稳定币的形式出售。

At that TIME, the foundation noted that its symbolic first governance attempt failed due to communication problems and decisions that were “clearly not articulated correctly.”


Arbitrum at the Center of Controversies Following its ARB Airdrop

arbitrum 在其 arb 空投后成为争议中心

Arbitrum, ONE of the most popular Ethereum scaling solutions, launched its much-anticipated ARB airdrop in late March.

arbitrum 是最受欢迎的以太坊扩展解决方案之一,于 3 月下旬推出了备受期待的 arb 空投。

The network airdropped just over one billion ARB tokens to more than 600000 wallet addresses.

该网络向超过 600000 个钱包地址空投了超过 10 亿个 arb 代币。

However, amid the HYPE surrounding the ARB, on-CHAIN activity showed that some airdrop hunters consolidated tokens worth around $3.3 million collectively from 1,496 wallets into two wallets.

然而,在围绕 arb 的炒作中,链上活动显示一些空投猎人将价值约 330 万美元的代币从 1,496 个钱包合并到两个钱包中。

According to the blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain, one wallet received 1.4 million ARB from 866 addresses.

据区块链分析平台 lookonchain 统计,一个钱包从 866 个地址收到了 140 万个 arb。

As reported, a hacker also has made off with $1.2 million worth of ARB tokens through a relatively NEW type of cyber-attack that uses modified wallet addresses to steal funds.

据报道,一名黑客还通过一种相对新型的网络攻击窃取了价值 120 万美元的 arb 代币,这种网络攻击使用修改后的钱包地址来窃取资金。

Meanwhile, ARB is currently trading at $1.60, almost flat over the past day, DATA by CoinMarketCap shows. However, the coin is down by more than 86% compared to its all-time HIGH of around $11.80.

与此同时,coinmarketcap 的数据显示,arb 目前的交易价格为 1.60 美元,与过去一天几乎持平。然而,与 11.80 美元左右的历史高点相比,该代币下跌了 86% 以上。

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