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After CFTC Lawsuit, Binance Experiences Significant Withdrawal

WikiBit 2023-03-29 11:57

Abstract:Binance experienced significant withdrawals following the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) suing the exchange and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) for alleged trading and derivatives rule violations. Nansen data shows $400m in Ethereum-based funds withdrawn in 24 hours, and Coinglass metrics show 3,655 bitcoin worth over $99m were withdrawn in the past day.

  The U.S. Commodity Futures dealing Commission (CFTC) filed a lawsuit against BINANCE on March 27, 2023, claiming that the exchange had broken dealing and futures regulations. The CFTC is asking for disgorgement, financial fines, and an end to new applications. Many people withdrew money from Binance in response to the news, and some onlookers noted “large on-chain movements prior” to the exchange's issues with the CFTC.

  A few hours prior to the Binance CFTC charge, big stablecoin transfers across controlled platforms totaled nearly $1.5 billion in just 12 hours, according to researchers from “Ape's Prologue.” A loss of $850 million was seen by Binance alone. Binance noticed an extra $240 million withdrawal an hour after the statement.

  More than $400 million in Ethereum-based assets were taken from Binance in a single day, according to data from Nansen and Dune Analytics. As of this writing, according to Nansen's proof-of-reserves site, Binance is the owner of digital assets valued at $63.36 billion. Additionally, according to statistics, on Monday, more than 150 million BUSD stablecoins were returned. 7.1 billion of the 7.84 billion BUSD coins presently in existence are stored on Binance.

  With its cold vault currently containing 248,597 bitcoin, Binance also has one of the biggest stockpiles of bitcoin. Binance's BTC total shows that the exchange has lost 3,655 bitcoin valued close to $100 million over the past day, according to Coinglass. Coinglass data show that 1,025 bitcoin were taken from Coinbase during the past day, even though Binance saw the largest loss of bitcoin.

  The size of Binance's deposits indicates that many investors and dealers are worried about the exchange's prospects in the wake of the CFTC's charge. Since Binance is an important participant in the cryptocurrency market, its problems could have a big impact on the entire sector. Whether Binance will be able to win back its clients' confidence and how it will react to the CFTC's accusations are both unknown.

The Role of CFTC in the Crypto Market

  The futures, options, and swaps markets are governed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), an arm of the US government. The CFTC has been actively involved in governing the cryptocurrency market recently as its fame and market value have grown significantly.

  The CFTC's primary responsibilities in the cryptocurrency market are to safeguard consumers and uphold honest and open dealing standards. For bitcoin markets and selling sites, the government has set rules and laws in order to accomplish this. These regulations call for licensing, documentation, and anti-money laundering practices.

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