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Top Crypto Projects With Upcoming Upgrades You Should Be Aware Of In 2023

WikiBit 2023-03-21 14:55

Abstract:As the overall market capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market approaches approximately $1.2 trillion, a roster of significant upgrades to various crypto projects are anticipated for the year 2023.

With Bitcoin's value surpassing the highly sought-after $28,000 threshold, the cryptocurrency market as a whole has expanded to almost $1.2 trillion, placing it just below the market cap of silver. Despite the excitement surrounding Bitcoin's recent spike and the anticipated Shanghai Hard Fork upgrade for Ethereum, there are other noteworthy advancements taking place in the crypto industry. Therefore, WikiBIT have compiled a list of upcoming updates for various cryptocurrency projects that demand your attention.

Polygon (MATIC) zkEVM Launch

Polygon's zkEVM Beta is an exceptional ZK scaling solution that is at the forefront of the industry and can be compared to Ethereum Virtual Machine. By leveraging the capabilities of zero-knowledge proofs, it has the ability to decrease transaction costs and significantly increase throughput, while still maintaining Ethereum's level of security. The team has designated March 27th as the official mainnet launch date for this innovation.

Cosmos (ATOM) Twilight SDK Release

The latest version of the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK), referred to as the Twilight release or version 0.47, is set to introduce numerous upgrades to the platform. These enhancements are tailored towards enhancing the functionality and performance of all Cosmos SDK-based chains. The release is accompanied by various new features and improvements aimed at facilitating the development of more complex and robust applications by developers within the Cosmos ecosystem.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) Version 3 Launch

PancakeSwap V3 is an upgraded iteration of the current platform, offering a host of new features. These include competitive trading fees, trading incentives, improved liquidity provisioning, and an enhanced yield farming experience. Moreover, all of these new and existing functionalities will be consolidated into a single platform with an improved, user-friendly interface.

The launch is anticipated to take place in the first week of April.

Fetch.AI (FET) Wallet With NFT Support

The Fetch team has recently released a comprehensive roadmap that delineates essential objectives the cryptocurrency project aims to achieve by the end of this year. The team intends to make significant strides in areas such as their ledger, artificial intelligence technology, agents, and wallet. The upgraded wallet will offer several new features, including group communications, the ability to vote on governance proposals, support for NFT collections, and most notably, in-wallet support for staking. Additionally, the mobile version of the wallet will soon be available, with support for Web 2 SSO.

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