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The Rise of Meme Coins: Will This New Coins Success Trigger a New Era in Crypto?

WikiBit 2023-03-20 09:30

Abstract: Explore Love Hate Inu, a new vote-to-earn (V2E) meme coin with valuable use cases that has captured investor attention and raised $1.29 million in a few weeks. Learn more here.

The Rise of MEME Coins: Will This NEW Coin's Success Trigger a New Era in Crypto?

Meme coins have surged to become ONE of the most popular genres of cryptocurrency in the market in recent years after its huge profit percentage in early 2021.

One of the latest and most versatile acquisitions to the meme coin sector is Love Hate INU ($LHINU).

The project utilizes a robust vote-to-earn (V2E) technology to disrupt the $3.2 billion online survey industry and incentivize users to air their opinions on polls and surveys.

Now on presale, Love Hate INU has raised over $1.29 million in investment in a few weeks as it sets out to create its era and be the BEST meme coin in the industry.

Love Hate INU: Digitalizing the Survey Industry

The buzz of meme coins, notably the famous DOGECOIN and Shiba Inu, is still fresh in our memories due to their vibrant communities, celebrities and MEDIA HYPE, and recurring pumps and dumps in their prices.

However, meme coins often need more real-LIFE utilities to thrive and organically grow in the crypto market.

Love Hate INU aims to be different as it embeds a versatile use case that will disrupt the billion-dollar survey sector.

As aFORementioned, the new meme sensation implements a unique technology, the Vote-to-Earn (V2E) model, in its ecosystem that enables members to engage in surveys and express their opinions on polls.

In exchange for PARTicipation, users GET to earn crypto rewards.

While this concept is similar to the conventional process that is now common among decentralized blockchain projects, Love Hate INU further expands by allowing members to introduce preferred polls and surveys needed.

The Love Hate INU voting project is the first of its kind, and enthusiasts believe it could set a dominant trajectory in the crypto space.

The new meme coin project is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain technology, which enables complete autonomy while ensuring transparent, immutable, and tamper-proof voting on surveys and polls.

All voting results will be displayed publicly to avert manipulation.

Decentralized Vibrant Community

One unique feature accustomed to meme coins is how their communities have the power to make decisions capable of influencing the project's growth.

Love Hate INU strives to implement this feature as it allows community members to suggest innovations and even create polls about societal issues and share opinions.

Additionally, the V2E platform allows members to purchase up to 90% of its 100 billion $LHINU tokens minted, as reported in its whitepaper.

This decision will help avert rug pull, where the team will dump all $LHINU tokens to members, thus creating a selling pressure that enables them to cash out – the consequence is that the crypto asset drastically drops in value.

The decentralized vibrant community of Love Hate INU will allow it to grow exponentially and shake all foundations of the survey investors, thus attracting TOP brands and companies keen to process accurate polls on their products or gauge the satisfaction of their audience.

In essence, the power to make a change, create polls, vote, and earn crypto rewards in the Love Hate INU ecosystem is entirely in members' hands.

How Does Voting Work?

To vote, members of the V2E platform will have to stake the project GOvernance token, $LHINU, for a minimum of 30 days to vote.

This mechanism will help prevent spam bots from setting out to manipulate the results of the vote – another creative path to increasing transparency, legitimacy, and security of votes.

The more $LHINU members stake for a longer period, the greater their voting power.

As a result, the meme sensation voting project will offer great utility value to Web3 projects, brands, popular companies, and industries interested in getting accurate feedback on various questions and topics.

The project will seek more partnerships that offer sponsored posts which will likely generate an array of unique rewards for members ranging from merchandise, products, and many more.

Love Hate INU also asserts to make the voting process as exciting and shareable as possible, hence why members will be able to produce viral topics to vote on.

This provides the opportunity for the internet to settle all types of topics and receive transparent and legitimate results on the vote.

$LHINU Presale Is On: Get Involved and Earn up to 60% Price Gains

It is no NEWS that the Love Hate INU ($LHINU) presale is performing beyond expectations, with over $1.29 million raised so far in investment.

The crypto asset is currently in stage two of the presale, with SIX more stages to go until it ends.

As of press TIME, 1 LHINU trades at $0.00009 USDT and will gradually increase until the end of the presale, when it will be listed on exchanges for $0.000145 USDT.

Early investors can leverage the discounted price and enjoy up to 60% price gains at the final presale price and massive return on investments as it grows.

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