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Join the Crypto Fitness Revolution With This New Move-to-Earn Project Thats Making Waves – How to Buy Early?

Join the Crypto Fitness Revolution With This New Move-to-Earn Project Thats Making Waves – How to Buy Early? WikiBit 2023-03-13 09:30

Fight Out is an M2E blockchain initiative that intends to disrupt the health business by gamifying fitness and rewarding participants with cryptocurrency.

Join the Crypto Fitness Revolution With This New Move-to-Earn Project That's Making Waves – How to Buy Early?

Fight Out, the new move-to-earn (M2E) blockchain project, has raised over $5.5 million in presale investment due to its strong utility.

The innovative crypto project aims to disrupt the health industry as it tends to gamify fitness through its powerful web3 technology features and offer crypto rewards to participants. But there is more.

Get Paid to Exercise With Fight Out Ecosystem

According to Statista, the health and fitness industry was worth over $96.7 billion in 2022 and is set to rise 6.56% before 2023 ends. And the new crypto project Fight Out aims to compete in these thriving industries through the metaverse and Web3 solutions.

Until recently, the metaverse was limited to individuals' conception; however, it has grown to become the next upgrade to the internet, changing digitalization and making everything we do more interactive. One of the sectors set to experience this change is the fitness industry.

The Fitness industry has been stagnant for years, with no strong player to propel it forward.

However, the advent of Fight Out has changed this as it is looking to offer a one-stop solution to health and fitness needs.

Individuals keen to start a fitness journey will agree that the process requires lots of commitment and effort. Be it a gym membership, professional diet plan, fitness consultation, tracker, etc.

Propelled by its play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) technology, Fight Out rewards users when they meet their exercise and fitness goals.

Rewards are REPS, an off-chain coin that members can accumulate by completing fitness tasks. In general, Fight Out hopes to be a tool to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their set objectives.

The crypto project also provides assets to integrate professional athletes and fitness influencers who can provide virtual classes and offer fitness and health tips to members regarding nutrition, dietary requirements, workout, and many more.

The platform has already set this in motion as popular Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Armada Ribas and Tailar Santos and Mixed Martial Arts champion Savannah Marshal, as well as fitness blogger, Tremayne Dortch, have come together to support the fitness web3 venture in achieving set goals.

These amazing personalities will also create instructional videos and classes which users can access remotely.

Fight Out also plans to create physical gyms worldwide where members can go to any gym through their app subscription and partake in sporting challenges and fitness tasks without facing geographical limitations.

Non-Fungible Token Integration: A Step into the Metaverse.

Fight Out also offers each member an NFT avatar called “Soulbound,” which is entwined with the users and helps to track fitness and health progress.

Each user avatar will mirror all physical fitness metrics, which can be viewed via the Fight Out app. In simpler words, the NFT avatar is a digital representation of all members' hard work, motivating them to stick to their fitness regimen.

Additionally, these NFTs can be used to participate in challenges and tasks on the blockchain-based platform.

Users can also benefit from the play-to-earn (P2E) model and earn REP's token rewards by topping leaderboards.

Invest in $FGHT Now: The Hottest Presale in the Industry

Fight Out is hitting new milestones via its presale, already surging past the $5.5 million price mark.

According to Fight Out's website, investors only have one day to purchase the $CCHG asset at the ongoing presale price of $0.02850.

Once the stated period elapses, the price will gradually increase until it reaches a maximum price of $0.0333 when the presale ends on the 31st of March, 2023.

The $FGHT is rising exponentially, and investors must move quickly to purchase their tokens before the price scales up.

The fitness platform is set to list its token on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX), such as Uniswap, Lbank,, BitForex, DigiFinex, Transak, and BKEX, on the 5th of April. This major strategic move is tipped to add more utility and value to the project and native token.

How to Purchase the FGHT Token

For investors seeking to buy the FGHT coin, here are the steps to follow:

Set Up a Crypto Wallet

To start, investors must first set up a crypto wallet. There are several crypto wallet providers, but the Fight Out team recommends the MetaMask wallet for desktop or Trust Wallet for mobile.

Purchase ETH or USDT

Following that, investors must purchase Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT), as these are the digital currencies supported by the presale dashboard. These currencies can be purchased on most centralized and decentralized exchanges and then transferred to a crypto wallet.

Connect the Crypto Wallet

After funding the crypto wallet, the next step is to link it to the Fight Out presale platform. Select the “BUY FGHT NOW” button and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Buy $FGHT Tokens and Earn Bonuses

An order box will appear on the screen when a wallet is connected. Choose whether to buy Fight Out tokens with ETH or USDT, enter the number of tokens to be purchased, and confirm the transaction with the wallet provider.

Additionally, investors can select a bonus, with the vesting period changing accordingly - the minimum vesting period is 0 months, but selecting longer vesting periods will trigger bonus clauses of up to 42% for 36 months.

Similarly, certain purchase amounts result in bonus FGHT tokens, with $500 adding 10% and $50,000 adding another 25%. By selecting the maximum FGHT rate, investors can earn an additional 67%.

Claim Your $FGHT Tokens

Once the FGHT presale concludes, presale investors can claim their tokens directly through Fight Out's website.


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