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Buy Early and Join the Green Revolution with This New Carbon Credit Crypto – Join The Future Here

WikiBit 2023-03-01 06:11

Abstract: Buy Early and Join the Green Revolution with This New Carbon Credit Crypto – Join The Future Here

  Buy Early and Join THE Green Revolution with This NEW Carbon Credit Crypto – Join The Future Here

  Exciting new green crypto project C+Charge has raced past $2 million raised as buyers continue to secure CCHG tokens at a rapid rate.

  The project, which will incentivize electric vehicle (EV) ownership through carbon credit rewards and added convenience, is currently in stage 5 of its 8-stage presale with tokens on sale FOR $0.018 each.

  By the final round, CCHG will cost $0.0235 each - an increase of 30.5% from the current price.

  Furthermore, C+Charge recently revealed that they have added a burn during the presale, with unsold tokens burned (permanently removed) from the supply.

  So far, more than 70 million tokens have been burned from the 1 billion supply, or 7%.

  Invest in C+Charge Now

  Help Save the Planet with C+Charge

  C+Charge is bidding to help convert fossil fuel drivers towards EVs by rewarding drivers and making ownership more convenient and efficient.

  CCHG, the native token of the project, will be used to pay for recharging at stations that are partnered with C+Charge.

  Drivers then earn carbon credits simply for recharging their vehicles, which help to reduce a holder's carbon footprint further.

  C+Charge has partnered with Flowcarbon to offer Goodness Nature Tokens (GNT) to drivers, which are 1:1 backed with carbon credits from vetted and verified carbon regeneration projects.

  Carbon credits are essentially permits that offset the holder's carbon footprint, with ONE credit equal to one TON of CO2 that's been removed from the atmosphere.

  Previously, they have largely been used by big businesses rather than individuals - with the likes of Tesla making billions annually by selling carbon credits to less eco-friendly companies - but C+Charge is helping to democratize the industry.

  Users will be able to purchase, hold and access their CCHG tokens on the C+Charge mobile app, which will also store the GNT carbon credits.

  Furthermore, the mobile app will also provide crucial information that has been previously difficult to obtain and will make EV ownership much more convenient.

  It will provide waiting TIMEs, the location and distance to the nearest charging station and also provide uniform price information for EV drivers.

  Invest in C+Charge Now

  CCHG Races Past $2 Million

  The CCHG token presale is now into stage 5 of 8 and has moved past $2 million of purchases as it heads towards its closing date on March 31, 2023.

  At the time of writing, CCHG tokens cost $0.018, but will increase by 30% to $0.0235 in the eighth and final stage.

  C+Charge, which has been developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team, also recently revealed that unsold presale tokens will be burned, permanently removing them from the maximum 1 billion supply.

  The burn takes place after the end of each stage and so far more than 70 million tokens (7%) have been burned - simply economics means that a smaller supply means each token will eventually be worth more.

  A total of 400 million (40%) CCHG has been allocated to the presale - before the burn started - with a HARD cap of $6.85 million and no vesting period.

  Another 8% will be reserved for exchange liquidity and the remaining tokens will be unlocked over time.

Phase Price % of presale tokens Number of Tokens $ Value Stage End Date Stage Tokens Burned Total Tokens Burned
1 $0.013 15 60,000,000 $780,000 Feb 8 0 0
2 $0.0145 15 60,000,000 $870,000 Feb 15 35,658,291 35,658,291
3 $0.016 15 60,000,000 $960,000 Feb 22 35,815,716 71,474,007
4 $0.017 15 60,000,000 $1,020,000 Mar 1
5 $0.018 10 40,000,000 $720,000 Mar 8
6 $0.019 10 40,000,000 $760,000 Mar 15
7 $0.020 10 40,000,000 $800,000 Mar 22
8 $0.0235 10 40,000,000 $940,000 Mar 29
TOTAL 80% increase 100% 400,000,000 $6.85 million -

  One crypto WHALE saw huge potential in the project early on and secured $100,000 of CCHG with a single purchase in stage 1, while the project is also running a $50,000 CCHG token giveaway.

  CCHG can also now be bought with ETH as well as BNB and USDT during the presale.

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