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Bunzz Raises $4.5M Seed Round to Expand its Smart Contract Hub for DApp Development

WikiBit 2023-01-25 06:35

Abstract: Bunzz a web3 development platform for decentralized applications, has completed a $4.5M seed round.

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  Singpore, Singapore, 24th January, 2023, CHAINwire

  新加坡,新加坡,2023 年 1 月 24 日,chainwire

  Bunzz a web3 development platFORm for decentralized applications, has completed a $4.5M seed round. Investors included gjmp, DG Daiwa Ventures, Coincheck, and Ceres. Funding will be used to help build out Bunzzs Smart Contract Hub, which is already used by more than 8,000 dApp developers. (Product page: https://bunzz.dev)

  bunzz 是一个用于去中心化应用程序的 web3 开发平台,已完成 450 万美元的种子轮融资。投资者包括 gjmp、dg daiwa ventures、coincheck 和 ceres。资金将用于帮助建立 bunzz 的智能合约中心,该中心已被 8,000 多名 dapp 开发人员使用。 (产品页面:https://bunzz.dev)

  Bunzz has established a STRONG track record since its launch 11 months ago. Over 8,000 DApp developers have been using the platform, and more than 3,000 DApp projects have been deployed on-chain, making it one of the largest DApp development infrastructures in Asia.

  自 11 个月前推出以来,bunzz 已经建立了良好的业绩记录。已有超过8000名dapp开发者使用该平台,超过3000个dapp项目已上链,成为亚洲最大的dapp开发基础设施之一。

  The platform has been recognized by TOP-tier landmarks as a major infrastructure service in the smart contract development sector. It has been featured on the web3 development infrastructure chaos MAP published by coinbase. Additionally, Bunzz was also a finalist in Icetea Lab, Singapores largest web3 accelerator program.

  该平台已被顶级地标认可为智能合约开发领域的主要基础设施服务。它已经被 coinbase 发布的 web3 开发基础设施混沌地图上精选。此外,bunzz 还是新加坡最大的 web3 加速器项目 icetea lab 的决赛入围者。

  Currently, engineers who CAN handle DApp development are very RARE. The reason is that the barrier to developing smart contracts, which are web3-specific programs, is HIGH. In other words, if web2 software engineers could handle contract development, it would be much easier to enter the web3 space.

  目前能搞定dapp开发的工程师非常少。原因是开发智能合约的门槛很高,这是 web3 特有的程序。换句话说,如果 web2 软件工程师可以处理合同开发,那么进入 web3 空间就会容易得多。

  Bunzz has succeeded in simplifying the previously complex development process by providing frequently used contracts as modules and wrapping the preparation of nodes and the launch of the development environment.

  bunzz 通过将常用的合约提供为模块,并将节点的准备和开发环境的启动进行封装,成功简化了之前复杂的开发过程。

  About Bunzz's core feature “Smart Contract Hub”

  关于 bunzz 的核心功能“智能合约中心”

  Bunzz offers a modularized version of frequently used smart contracts. These are FREEly available to general users and can be reused by other DApp developers.

  bunzz 提供了常用智能合约的模块化版本。这些都是免费提供给普通用户的,并且可以被其他 dapp 开发者重复使用。

  On the other hand, there is a similar service called Open Zeppelin, an open-source library. The difference between this and Bunzz is convenience. While OZ's code is just a library and cannot be deployed right away as it requires a development environment and nodes, Bunzz's modules can be deployed with just a GUI. It is truly the “web3 version of Docker Hub”.

  另一方面,有一个名为 open zeppelin 的类似服务,它是一个开源库。这和 bunzz 的区别在于方便。 oz 的代码只是一个库,不能立即部署,因为它需要开发环境和节点,而 bunzz 的模块只需一个 gui 即可部署。它是真正的“docker hub 的 web3 版本”。

  Partial list of smart contract modules offered by BunzzNFT related modules:

  bunzz nft相关模块提供的部分智能合约模块列表:

  •   NFT (IPFS Mintable)

      nft(ipfs 可铸币)

  •   NFT (Breedable)


  •   NFT (Custom-URI)

      nft(自定义 uri)

  •   NFT (Royalties)


  •   Simple Marketplace (For NFT)

      简单的市场(对于 nft)

  •   AUCTION Marketplace (NFT)


  •   NFT (ERC721)


  •   Non-Tradable Token (ERC4671)

      不可交易代币 (erc4671)

  •   Simple Marketplace (For MultiToken)

      简单的市场(对于 multitoken)

  •   Auction Marketplace (For Multi Token)


  DEFI related modules:

  defi 相关模块:

  •   Token (ERC20)


  •   Token (ERC20 Capped)


  •   TokenERC20DAOToken


  •   ReflectionToken


  •   MultiToken (ERC1155)

      多代币 (erc1155)

  Kenta Akutsu, CEO & Co-Founder of Bunzz, explained: Bunzz ultimately aims to become web3's equivalent to Docker Hub. Immutable smart contracts on the blockchain are open programs, also called ‘public goods,’ because anyone can access and use them without permission. However, the usage FLOW and the logic of their operation are difficult to understand, making it inconvenient for engineers who want to reuse them. Bunzz aims to SOLVE this problem by incentivizing creators of smart contract modules to create more accurate coding and documentation. Please feel free to contact us via twitter or discord.

  bunzz 的首席执行官兼联合创始人 kenta akutsu 解释说:bunzz 的最终目标是成为 web3 的 docker hub。区块链上的不可变智能合约是开放程序,也称为“公共产品”,因为任何人都可以在未经许可的情况下访问和使用它们。但其使用流程和运行逻辑难以理解,给想要复用的工程师带来不便。 bunzz 旨在通过激励智能合约模块的创建者创建更准确的编码和文档来解决这个问题。请随时通过推特或 discord 与我们联系。

  The 13 participating investors:Bunzz pte ltd company profile:

  13位参与投资者:bunzz pte ltd 公司简介:

  •   Company name: Bunzz pte ltd

      公司名称:bunzz pte ltd

  •   Representative: Kenta Akutsu


  •   Head Office: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #12-17 The Central Singapore 059817

      总部:6 eu tong sen street #12-17 the central singapore 059817

  •   Business: Operation of web3 development infrastructure “Bunzz”


  •   Establishment: May, 2022


  •   Capital: 4,500,000 USD

      资本:4,500,000 美元

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