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Genesis sues Roger Ver for $20M over unsettled crypto options trades

WikiBit 2023-01-25 08:42

Abstract:BCH advocate Roger Ver faces a $20 million lawsuit filed by GGC International, a unit of bankrupt crypto lender Genesis.

  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Roger Ver has sued by a unit of crypto lending firm Genesis over unsettled crypto options amounting to $20.8 million.

  比特币现金 (bch) 倡导者 roger ver 已被加密贷款公司 genesis 的一个部门就未结算的加密期权提起诉讼,金额达 2080 万美元。

  GGC International, a PART of tHE bankrupt crypto lender, filed the suit against Ver in the NEW York State Supreme Court on Jan. 23, claiming that the BCH proponent has failed to settle crypto options transactions that expired back on Dec. 30.

  1 月 23 日,ggc international 是破产的加密货币贷方的一部分,在纽约州最高法院对 ver 提起诉讼,声称 bch 的支持者未能解决于 12 月 30 日到期的加密货币期权交易。

  Ver was given a total of 20 days to answer the summons. Should the BCH advocate fail to answer within that TIME frame, he will be obliged to PAY the total amount by default. At the time of writing, the BCH proponent has not yet responded to the case.

  ver 总共有 20 天的时间来回答传票。如果 bch 倡导者未能在该期限内作出答复,他将有义务默认支付全部金额。在撰写本文时,bch 支持者尚未对此案作出回应。

  The Genesis website states that GGC International is a company based in the British Virgin Islands. The firm is owned by Genesis Bermuda Holdco Limited, under Genesis Global Holdco, an entity included in the bankruptcy filing.

  genesis 网站指出,ggc international 是一家位于英属维尔京群岛的公司。该公司由 genesis global holdco 旗下的 genesis bermuda holdco limited 所有,该实体已列入破产申请。

  Roger Ver had not responded to Cointelegraphs request FOR comment at the time of writing.

  在撰写本文时,roger ver 尚未回应 cointelegraph 的置评请求。

  Last year, Ver also made headlines for allegations of defaulting on a debt. CoinFLEX CEO Mark LAMB claimed that Ver owes the firm $47 million USD Coin (USDC) and was bound by a written contract. On June 28, Ver also denied these claims without directly mentioning the company.

  去年,ver 还因债务违约指控登上头条。 coinflex 首席执行官 mark lamb 声称 ver 欠该公司 4700 万美元的代币 (usdc),并受书面合同约束。 6 月 28 日,ver 也否认了这些说法,但没有直接提及该公司。

  On Jan. 20, the crypto lender filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York. The firm began a court-supervised restructuring to MOVE the business forward. The process will be led by a special committee that aims to provide an outcome that is optimal for both Genesis clients and GEMINI EARN users.

  1 月 20 日,加密货币贷方在纽约南区申请第 11 章破产保护。该公司开始了法院监督的重组,以推动业务向前发展。该过程将由一个特别委员会领导,旨在为 genesis 客户和 gemini earn 用户提供最佳结果。

  Meanwhile, Genesis creditors are setting their sights on Digital Currency Group (DCG), the parent company of Genesis Global. On Jan. 24, Genesis creditors filed a securities class action lawsuit against DCG and its founder and CEO, Barry Silbert. The creditors alleged that the firm violated federal securities laws by offering unregistered securities.

  与此同时,genesis 债权人将目光投向了 genesis global 的母公司 digital currency group (dcg)。 1 月 24 日,genesis 债权人对 dcg 及其创始人兼首席执行官 barry silbert 提起证券集体诉讼。债权人指控该公司发行未注册证券违反了联邦证券法。

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