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Ethereums Vitalik Buterin Proposes ‘Stealth Address’ System to Enhance Blockchain Privacy – Here’s How it Works

WikiBit 2023-01-25 06:35

Abstract: Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has proposed a new “stealth address” system for Ethereum that would dramatically improve and simplify the workflow for achieving privacy for ordinary users.

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  EtHEreum creator Vitalik Buterin has proposed a NEW “stealth address” system FOR Ethereum that would dramatically improve and simplify the workflow for achieving privacy for ordinary users.

  以太坊创始人 vitalik buterin 为以太坊提出了一个新的“隐形地址”系统,该系统将显着改善和简化普通用户实现隐私的工作流程。

  According to a blog post published by Buterin over the weekend and titled An incomplete guide to stealth addresses, the proposed system would bring the same privacy properties as generating new addresses for each transaction someONE receives.

  根据 buterin 周末发表的一篇题为“隐形地址不完整指南”的博客文章,拟议的系统将带来与为某人收到的每笔交易生成新地址相同的隐私属性。

  The only difference would be that this would happen without ANY work needed for the receiver.


  Privacy remains a large challenge on Ethereum


  In the blog post, Buterin admitted that privacy – or the lack thereof – is a large problem for Ethereum users, saying:

  在博文中,buterin 承认隐私——或缺乏隐私——对以太坊用户来说是一个大问题,他说:

  “One of the largest remaining challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem is privacy. By default, anything that goes onto a public blockCHAIN is public […] In practice, using the entire suite of Ethereum applications involves making a significant portion of your LIFE public for anyone to see and analyze.”

  “以太坊生态系统中剩下的最大挑战之一是隐私。默认情况下,进入公共区块链的任何内容都是公开的 [...] 实际上,使用整套以太坊应用程序涉及将你生活的重要部分公开给任何人查看和分析。”

  He added that improving this situation for users is “widely recognized” as an important problem that developers should work on.


  Secret spending KEYs and stealth META-addresses


  Specifically, the system proposed by Buterin would work by having wallets generate so-called stealth meta-addresses for receiving funds using a secret “spending key” that only the receiving PARTy in a transaction has access to. The stealth address is then shared with the sender, who must also publish a piece of cryptographic DATA called an ephemeral pubkey on-chain for the receiver to understand that the address belongs to him.

  具体来说,buterin 提出的系统的工作原理是让钱包生成所谓的隐形元地址,以便使用只有交易中的接收方才能访问的秘密“支出密钥”来接收资金。然后与发送者共享隐身地址,发送者还必须在链上发布一段称为临时公钥的加密数据,以便接收者了解该地址属于他。

  To enable the generation of both the secret spending key and the public stealth meta-address, Buterin proposed to use a system known as the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. According to Buterin, this system is a foundational part of modern cryptography, and would accomplish exactly what is needed for stealth addresses to be implemented on Ethereum.

  为了能够生成秘密支出密钥和公共隐形元地址,buterin 提议使用一种称为 diffie-hellman 密钥交换的系统。根据 buterin 的说法,该系统是现代密码学的基础部分,将完全完成在以太坊上实施隐形地址所需的功能。

  The Ethereum founder went on to share a detailed illustration of the workflow with the new system:


  Source: Vitalik.cazero-knowledge proofs

  来源:vitalik.ca 零知识证明

  In conclusion, the Ethereum creator admitted that stealth addresses do introduce “some longer-term usability concerns,” including problems around so-called “social recovery” of lost keys. He said that these concerns could be simply accepted for now, but made it clear that a more lasting solution will likely depend “really heavily” on zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs.

  总而言之,这位以太坊创建者承认,隐身地址确实会带来“一些长期可用性问题”,包括围绕所谓的丢失密钥“社会恢复”的问题。他说,现在可以简单地接受这些担忧,但明确表示,更持久的解决方案可能“非常严重”地依赖于零知识 (zk) 证明。

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