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Nearly all of the bitcoins mined by 1Thash were sent to Binance.

WikiBit 2023-01-24 21:08

Abstract: The 5,592 BTC worth around $124 million that were moved out of the miner's account in the last three days wound up at Binance, according to on-chain data obtained from CryptoQuant.

  5,600 BTC or nearly $124 million worth if converted in fiat was transferred to Binance. Blockchain data conclude that it might be due to a step to sell the assets.

  1Thash gave most of its BTC holdings to Binance in a consecutive record of transactions that were marked by analysis firm CryptoQuant. The said Cryptocurrency exchange is the prominent and biggest exchange by daily trading volume.


  According to accepted knowledge among cryptocurrency traders, significant BTC transfers from miners to platforms like Binance are a bearish indication, possibly indicating that miners are getting ready to sell BTC. The conclusion is that, particularly with profit margins squeezed in previous months by the crypto winter, the previous crypto rebound may well have driven prices to a point that's too difficult to ignore.


  According to Julio Moreno, a senior consultant at CryptoQuant, 94% of the 2,396 BTC moved on January 17 sat in 3 separate wallets before arriving at Binance, whereas 3,336 BTC received on January 19 was transmitted directly to Binance.

  In the two and a half year history of CryptoQuant's surveillance of 1Thash, which began in July 2020, the transfers on those two days represented the greatest outflows.

   According to data from CryptoQuant, 1Thash's withdrawals reduced the miner's assets to zero, while the total BTC buffer account for all miners fell to its lowest point in a year at 1.837 million. As bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization, soared beyond $22,000, 1Thash's BTC outflows to Binance occurred.

  So because pool only had processed two blocks in the previous 30 days, Moreno noted that 1Thash is a “retired miner”. Furthermore, according to data from the Mempool Open Source Project, 1Thash had only extracted 13 blocks over the previous six months.

  The main mining period for 1Thash was from September 2019 until June 2021. 99% of 1Thash's total brick manufacturing, or more than 4,900 blocks, were mined throughout that time.


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