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Germany's Bitpanda is the first "retail" cryptocurrency marketplace in Europe.

WikiBit 2022-11-25 01:16

Abstract: On the company's official news site, the announcement was made, it was revealed that Bitpanda has obtained a cryptocurrency holding license from the German financial agency known as BaFin.


  The cryptocurrency exchange that has its offices in Austria is now officially able to advertise its services to people who live in Germany as a result of the obtaining of this license. Additionally, according to Bitpanda, they were the first merchant bitcoin exchange to be established in Europe, making them very noteworthy.

  People are being more attentive to cryptocurrency exchanges that function beyond a country's jurisdiction and are devoid of regulations as a direct result of the failure of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. As a result, a sizable proportion of exchangers are attempting to secure licenses in various countries so that they can demonstrate that they are a reliable company.


  Since its premises are in Austria, Bitpanda asserts that it was the first “European” merchant bitcoin marketplace to obtain the license. The reason for this is because Austria is regarded as being in Europe.

  Since FTX's demise, the issue of how to regulate and license bitcoin exchanges has been on the top of the public discourse. In particular, it is debatable if or not bitcoin exchanges need to be registered.

  The BoE intends to build up a “regulatory sandbox” to determine how to effectively manage exchanges in a bid to understand how to adequately support exchanges, according to Jon Cunliffe, the deputy governor of the Bank of England. Additionally, the US Senate has begun holding hearings to investigate effective ways to control bitcoin exchanges. In connection with an ongoing inquiry, these hearings are now being held.


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