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Block Earner CEO calls for licensing clarity after being sued for crypto products

WikiBit 2022-11-24 02:01

Abstract:The CEO of fintech company Block Earner called for more clarity around cryptocurrency products in Australia’s financial licensing regime after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) sued the firm for offering unlicensed crypto-backed investments.

  THE CEO of fintech firm BLOCK Earner has lashed out over the “lack of clarity” in Australia‘s financial licensing regime after his COMPany was sued by the country’s financial services regulator FOR providing unlicensed crypto-based investment products.

  金融科技公司 block earner 的首席执行官在其公司因提供未经许可的基于加密货币的投资产品而被该国金融服务监管机构起诉后,猛烈抨击澳大利亚金融许可制度“缺乏明确性”。

  The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) anounced on Nov. 23 local TIME that it started civil legal proceedings against the company because it offered three crypto-linked fixed-YIELD earning products without an Australian Financial Services (AFS) license.

  澳大利亚证券投资委员会(asic)于当地时间 11 月 23 日宣布,对该公司启动民事法律诉讼,原因是该公司在没有澳大利亚金融服务(afs)牌照的情况下提供了三款与加密挂钩的固定收益收益产品。

  ASIC stated that the products should have been licensed as they were “managed investment schemes” where investors contribute money that is pooled togETHer for an interest in the scheme.

  asic 表示,这些产品应该获得许可,因为它们是“管理投资计划”,投资者出资汇集在一起以获得该计划的利益。

  The products, named “Crypto Earner”, “USD Earner” and “GOLD Earner,” offered yields through users depositing Australian dollars that would be converted to Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), USD Coin (USDC) or PAX Gold (PAXG) depending on the product according to Block Earners website.

  这些名为“crypto earner”、“usd earner”和“gold earner”的产品通过用户存入澳元提供收益,这些澳元将被转换为比特币 (btc)、以太币 (eth)、美元硬币 (usdc) 或 pax gold ( paxg)取决于 block earners 网站上的产品。

  The crypto-assets are then lent to borrowers on Decentralized Finance (DEFI) protocols AAVE (AAVE) and Compound Finance (COMP) to generate yield for the product.

  然后将加密资产借给去中心化金融 (defi) 协议 aave (aave) 和 compound finance (comp) 上的借款人,以产生产品收益。

  ASIC Deputy Chair Sarah Court aired her concern that Block Earner offered the products without “appropriate registration” or an AFS license that she claimed left “consumers without important protections,” adding:

  asic 副主席 sarah court 表达了她的担忧,即 block earner 在没有“适当注册”或 afs 许可证的情况下提供产品,她声称这让“消费者没有重要的保护”,并补充说:

  “Simply because a product hinges on a crypto-asset, does not mean it falls outside financial services law.”


  In an emailed statement to Cointelegraph Block Earner CEO and co-founder, Charlie Karaboga, said although the firm “[understands] the backdrop” it was a “disappointing outcome.”

  在发给 cointelegraph block earner 首席执行官兼联合创始人查理·卡拉博加 (charlie karaboga) 的电子邮件声明中,尽管该公司“[了解] 背景”,但这是一个“令人失望的结果”。

  He said it welcomes regulations, claiming the firm “spent considerable resources building regulatory infrastructure” to be able to offer services “under existing guidelines provided by ASIC.”

  他表示欢迎监管,声称该公司“花费了大量资源建设监管基础设施”,以便能够“根据 asic 提供的现有指南”提供服务。

  Karaboga took aim at the unclear regulatory environment for crypto in the country and said the “lack of clarity [...] creates friction between regulators and inovators,” adding:

  karaboga 瞄准了该国不明确的加密货币监管环境,并表示“缺乏明确性 [...] 会在监管机构和创新者之间造成摩擦,”并补充道:

  “In an ideal world, we would build these products in a regulatory sandbox with more clarity around licensing regimes. In the future, we look forward to working with ASIC and other regulators in this space.”

  “在理想情况下,我们会在监管沙箱中构建这些产品,并在许可制度方面更加明确。未来,我们期待与 asic 和该领域的其他监管机构合作。”

  According to Karaboga, Block Earner had filed for a CREDIT license and advised ASIC it would apply for an AFS license for its upcoming products as “the licensing requirements are clear.”

  根据 karaboga 的说法,block earner 已经申请了信用许可,并建议 asic 它将为其即将推出的产品申请 afs 许可,因为“许可要求很明确”。

  ASIC has previously given a warning to crypto-asset providers in the country after it took action against the creators of the Qoin token.

  在对 qoin 令牌的创建者采取行动后,asic 此前曾向该国的加密资产提供商发出警告。

  It said its “KEY priority” is targeting “unlicensed conduct and misleading promotion of crypto-asset financial products” after it alleged the Qoin token creators were “misleading” its users.

  在声称 qoin 令牌创建者“误导”其用户之后,它表示其“关键优先事项”是针对“未经许可的行为和误导性的加密资产金融产品促销”。

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