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Yahoo Hong Kong Launched 100 Frenchie-themed NFTs for Pet Lovers

WikiBit 2022-08-15 23:29

Abstract:Yahoo Hong Kong will launch 100 Frenchie-themed NFTs with its online magazine. The Global Pets Theme Park NFT will welcome all types of pets, their owners, and pet lovers. The project also express  environmentalism, mental wellbeing, culture, travel, and exclusivity.

  Most pet owners do not view their pets as one. Others would treat them as their children. The community of pet lovers is continuously growing. It even makes the pet business industry boom given that fur-rents are taking time to bond, care for, and pamper their furry kids.

  The expanding community of pet owners, plus the trendy NFT investments made way for Yahoo Hong Kong in collaboration with BetterMe Magazine to come up with the project—City Frenchie. Launched last July 21, they released 100 pet Frenchie-themed NFTs. This campaign did not only focus on pet-lovers but also tapped pillars such as environmentalism, culture, uniqueness, and mental well-being.


  Each of our furry friends has their kind of uniqueness and hobbies! To be inclusive and relatable, Yahoo Hong Kong acknowledges all types and looks of pets. Each NFT has a distinct character and personality for pet owners to choose which best represents their furry kids. Through this, one can also express their love even in the metaverse! As mentioned by Matthew Chan, Head Sales of Yahoo Hong Kong:

  “With aims to offer seamless, one-of-a-kind experiences to our users, Yahoo Hong Kong has been actively embarking on new opportunities as technology reshapes the world, our lives, and the way we connect with not only others but with information. Growing our footprint in the Metaverse and NFTs are priorities for Yahoo Hong Kong. We hope to bring even more entertaining and fruitful experiences while promoting Hong Kong art via a partnership with a local illustrator in BetterMe Magazines City Frenchie project.”

  It does not only benefit pet lovers out there, it also goes both ways since Yahoo Hong Kong pledged to donate a share of City Frenchie NFT towards Society for Abandoned Animal (SAA) for sustaining help to ill, forgotten, and disabled animals. On top of that, NFT holders have the chance to visit SAA.


  As a reminder, WikiBit is ready to help you search the qualifications and reputation of projects in a bid to protect you from hidden dangers in this risky industry!



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