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A Sci-fi action movie is set to debut as an NFT-inspired film

WikiBit 2022-08-15 16:45

Abstract:One Cool Group's multimillion-dollar Hong Kong science fiction action film Warriors of Future aims to introduce the first NFT collection in an Asian blockbuster film.

NFT collectors and movie buffs will definitely like One Cool Group and Gusto Collective partnership in releasing their latest project entitled Warriors of Future. The said movie is set to debut as the first non-fungible token (NFT) blockbuster film.

Produced by Louis Koo in an attempt to inspire young people to make and invest in quality sci-fi movies, the setting of the film took place in the future when Earth is deprived of life due to environmental destruction. The plot revolves around the main character leading a mech team to defend the Earth from Pandora, a lethal alien plant.

Relating to that, NFT released a collection featuring 10 000 individually 3D avatars appearing with four unique types of soldiers. Corresponding with Ethereum (ETH), blockchain technology will be used for its operation. Warrior of Future will acquire an interchangeable mechanism in the NFT collection which allows users to swap out traits among NFTs they hold—Making the helmet, background, weapon, armor body, and arms replaceable.

These fungible components will be reflected immediately in the NFT market. With the plan to release a Warriors of Future mobile game, holders can use this as an avatar in the upcoming app.

Considering the enormous expansion happening digitally: the film is also a way to introduce and promote the infinite possibilities of the blockchain-powered entertainment industry in order to catch up with the digital economy. The potential of digital asset ownership is continuously growing, as said by Gusto Collective's CEO and co-founder: Web3 which represents the future generation of the Internet is where the entertainment industry is heading. With the innovation of blockchain technologies and a token-based economy, integrating the NFT craze with movie merchandising is a way to revolutionize the film industry.

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