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12% of US Adults Used Crypto in 2021: Federal Reserve

WikiBit 2022-05-24 11:25

Abstract:In recent survey, the US Fed found that 12% of American adults invested in cryptocurrencies last year.

  In a survey that involved 11,000 respondents and takes place every year, the Federal Reserve observed the economic health of the United States. For the first time, however, it included questions related to cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

  According to the data collected, the adult population of the U.S. has begun to show interest in crypto. Twelve percent of American adults held it as an investment tool, and 3% said they had used it for payments.

  As per Pew Research Center, in November last year, 16% of Americans admitted they had used crypto for trading, investing or payment. In particular, those were male respondents between 18 and 29.

  Eighty-six percent said they had heard at least once about BTC, ETH or other crypto, and 24% have heard a lot about digital assets.

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