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One-stop digital asset management service BitKeep positions itself as gateway to Web3 in latest update

WikiBit 2022-03-22 12:29

Abstract:DeFi is gaining in complexity, meaning its gateways are too

Sarah Jansen 10 minutes ago ONE-stop digital asset management service BitKeep positions itself as gateway to Web3 in latest update

DEFI is gaining in complexity, meaning its gateways are too.


DeFi has continued to grow at an unprecedented pace, introducing the world to NEW ways to send and receive funds, invest, take out loans and even enjoy a new FORm of collectibles. However, as the technology quickly advances and more use cases come to light, users are begining to find the diverse landscape more and more complex to navigate. Even wallets, which were once viewed as little more than an asset storage tool, have grown in functionality to become an access point for decentralized exchanges (DEXs), DApps and games.

Although these entry points into the DeFi industry are more readily found than ever before, the industry still has work in optimizing the user journey to encourage new growth and extend functionality for their existing community. For the future of decentralized projects, this means using utility and accessibility as guidelines for development.

Meeting the needs of the growing DeFi industry is BitKeep, a multiCHAIN wallet and more extensive digital asset management service. Although based in Asia, BitKeep has established itself as a global player with PARTnerships across chains including Polygon (MATIC), SOLana (SOL), ETHereum (ETH) and Terra (LUNA), among others, and a dedicated supporter of the DeFi market. In practice, BitKeep has done this by providing a bridge for new users by helping them discover and identify quality DeFi projects for users to explore new initiatives as they arise.

Most recently, the BitKeep team has anounced their launch of the v7.0 app, which includes the addition of an NFT Market section and a Discover section, making the app a powerful tool that integrates five sections, i.e. Wallet, SWAP, NFT Market, DApp and Discover.

Making continuous improvements

Core to this upgrade was the UX, security and functionality improvements the team made to their wallet. This effort aims to provide users with the most convenient location to TRADE while protecting the privacy and security of users. To address functionality, BitKeeps wallet has added support for 40+ main chains and DApps, such as ETH, Polygon, BINANCE SMART Chain (BSC), OEC Token, Avalanche Contract Chain (AVAX-C), TRON (TRX) and Solana.

Despite existing cross-chain features, users can take advantage of a simplified experience, accessing all of these assets from a single account. Updates have also included the additional support of 10 languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, Latin, American, Arabic, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Alongside their wallet upgrade came an enhanced Swap, a section of BitKeep consisting of Quotes, Bridge and Launchpad. With Quotes, users can access real-TIME intelligence of 200,000 tokens and DATA, including candlestick charts, transaction histories and data analysis. The Bridge feature is also equipped to manage swaps against 10 chains and 26 protocols, comprising several bridges, which help create a larger marketplace.

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Core to DeFi is the rise of the digital asset class known as NFTs. As part of the 7.0 upgrade, BitKeep has added a new NFT Market section, where users can engage with trade and display features for various digital artwork and collectibles, providing NFT trading chanels for creators and collectors anywhere in the world. Other capabilities include real-time NFT gainer rankings and asset recommendations for users to stay ahead of market trends.

For first-time BitKeep users, Discover features contain a Help Center with educational materials such as tutorials, safety tips and overviews of product functionality to ensure that users have familiarity with BitKeeps functions. Efforts are rewarded through the Gift Center, a reward mechanism consisting of multiple tasks associated with different bonuses.

An important milestone

To date, BitKeep recognizes its 7.0 launch as one of the more important milestones in history. Their community now consists of 4 million verified users across 168 countries. With the 7.0 update paving the way, BitKeep is continuing to establish itself as more than a blockchain wallet by providing users with an entry point into the greater world of Web 3.0.

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