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Bitcoin miners can take fresh 20% BTC price hit before capitulating, data shows


Abstract:Bitcoin miners likely have no incentive to sell BTC at prices above $34,000, data reveals.

  Bitcoin production cost anotated chart (screenshot). Source: @venturefounder/Twitter

  As such, there is no reason for miners to sell thanks to the profitability — as well as future perspective — of their operations.

  In a Medium post about his indicator from 2019, Edwards additionally noted that transaction fees awarded to miners give them an additional cushion against spot price incursions below production cost.

  “Historically, the electrical cost to produce a Bitcoin has represented a price floor in the Bitcoin market price,” another insight reads.

  Mining shrugs off spot price moves this year

  As Cointelegraph reported, miners are indeed voting with their wallets as BTC consolidates below $50,000.

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  Rather than selling, miners en masse have been accumulating BTC more this month and last than during the highs.

  This speaks both to a healthy balance sheet and resolve over the future — fears of economic difficulties on the horizon are not currently weighing on the mining sector.

  Bitcoin hash rate chart. Source: Blockchain

  Going forward, current worst-case scenario estimates among well-known analysts foresee a BTC price floor no lower than $30,000.

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