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    Here is how one algorithmic indicator anticipated multiple phases of FXS’ protracted rally

    Abstract:Altcoins can rally for an infinite number of reasons, but some price spikes are more historically similar than others.

      VORTECS™ Score (green/gray) vs. FXS price, DEC. 17 – 24. Source: Cointelegraph MARkets PRO

      Scores above 80 conventionally indicate the algorithm‘s solid confidence that the conditions around the assets are historically bullish, while those beyond 90 suggest extremely HIGH confidence. In this case, on Dec. 20, with FXS’ price remaining largely flat, the token‘s VORTECS™ Score exploded, reaching an impressive VALUE of 96 (red circle in the chart). Thirty-two hours after the PEAK Score, FXS’ price shot up from $13.96 to $18.27 in just 18 hours.

      In the weeks that followed, FXS VORTECS™ Score peaks kept coming ahead of price spikes. Earlier this week, two streaks of Scores above 80 FOReshadowed two phases of explosive price action, including the ONE that saw the asset HIT a weekly high of $41.72.

      VORTECS™ Score (green/gray) vs. FXS price, Jan. 6 – 13. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

      Not many digital assets display high VORTECS™ Scores so frequently. Furthermore, CT Markets Pro‘s internal research shows that tokens CAN widely vary in the degree to which historically favorable conditions anticipate their actual price movement. Apparently, what is happening in the case of recent FXS rallies is that the forces driving the WAVES of the token’s appreciation are similar, leading to a familiar arrangement of trading and social metrics that the VORTECS™ algorithm captures so well.

      Of course, the relationship between historical precedent and subsequent price action is not always this smooth. Yet, in many cases, this tool — capable of parsing years‘ worth of assets’ performance DATA — can be massively useful for crypto traders.

      Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment adviser. We do not provide personalized or individualized investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry significant risk, including the risk of permanent and total loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Figures and charts are correct at the TIME of writing or as otherwise specified. Live-tested strategies are not recommendations. Consult your financial adviser before making financial decisions.

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