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    Even after the pullback, this crypto trading algo’s $100 bag is now worth $20,673

    Abstract:A full year’s worth of observations drive home one simple idea: Crypto assets’ past performance holds a wealth of actionable insight for traders.

      These look much more modest, DONt they? However, if you think of it, the picture that these averages PAINT is no less powerful than the mind-blowing hypothetical anual returns. The table demonstrates robust positive price dynamics after HIGH Scores, averaging across all types of assets and in all market situations that occurred throughout the year.

      The trend is unmistakable: tokens that HIT VORTECS™ Scores of 80, 85, and 90, tend to appreciate within the next 168 hours. Higher Scores are associated with greater gains: the ALGOrithms STRONGer confidence in the bullishness of the observed conditions, indeed, comes with greater yields (although higher Scores are also rarer). Another important factor is TIME: the longer the wait after a reference threshold is reached, the greater the average ROI.


      In this sense, rather than trying to follow the complex “BUY 80, Sell 24 hours” algorithmic strategy (which is, again, a futile exercise), real-LIFE traders could maximize their FORtunes by buying at higher Scores and holding for longer times.

      Varying predictability

      A separate stream of internal Markets Pro research looked at whether some coins are more prone than others to exhibit historically bullish trading conditions before draMATIC price increases. This turned out to be the case, with tokens LIKE AXS, MATIC, AAVE and LUNA leading the pack in terms of the most reliable positive price dynamics following historically favorable setups. Overall, the majority of frequent high-VORTECS™ performers delivered robust positive returns.

      After a full year in operation, these disparate pieces of quantitative evidence – the mind-bending ROIs of algorithmic live-testing strategies, high-VORTECS™ assets‘ sound average gains, and individual coins’ steady average returns after high Scores – present a compelling case for the utility of the “history rhymes” approach to crypto trading.

      Obviously, a favorable historic outlook, captured by a strong VORTECS™ Score, is never a guarantee of an impending rally. Yet, an extra pair of algorithmic EYES capable of seeing through and comparing across billions of historical DATA points to alert you of digital assets‘ bullish setups before they materialize CAN be an incredibly powerful addition to ANY trader’s toolkit.

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