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    Don't expect retail sell-off to crash Bitcoin price — analyst

    Abstract:There's no need to expect a retail-driven Bitcoin sell-off, on-chain analyst Willy Woo argues.

      William Suberg

    DON't expect retail sell-off to crash Bitcoin price — analyst

      HIGH-volume CANdles associated with Bitcoin price DIPs already occurred on derivatives exchanges this TIME round, Willy WOO notes.

      Markets NEWs

      Those expecting anotHEr Bitcoin (BTC) speculative price dip are looking in the wrong place, ONE of the industry's BEST-known analysts suggests.

      In a Twitter discussion on DEC. 20, Willy Woo, creator of on-CHAIN DATA resource Woobull, said that popular retail exchanges will not spark a further BTC price rout.

    U.S. retail stays calm throughout the rout

      Woo was debating the odds of fresh downside with veteran trader Peter Brandt, a commentator revered FOR calling Bitcoin price bottoms in recent years.

      Brandt argued that volume spikes that accompany price crashes have been absent in December versus previous episodes. As such, the “real” capitulation phase is yet to occur.

      Responding, Woo argued that speculative derivatives traders had featured in the cascade to $41,800 earlier this month, while retail investors continued to hold BTC. As such, volume data from coinbase or other retail platforms does not serve as a suitable indicator for an imminent dip.

      “Thats a Coinbase chart, sell pressure has been from deleveraging on futures markets, also more on Asian spot exchanges,” he wrote.

    “Overall no signs yet of an on-chain sell off (HODLers holdling, speculative investors took profits). Effectively a consolidation under weak December liquidity.”

      Implications of volume

      Key bottoms in $BTC have occurred with high volume panic capitulation

      That has (yet?) to happen


    — Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) December 20, 2021

      Brandt appeared to acknowledge the nuance.