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    Litecoin Surpasses Ethereum in Address Activity Third Time This Year: Santiment Data

    Abstract:Litecoin has surpassed Ethereum by active addresses and reached another historic peak in this metric, according to Santiment

      According to recently shared on-chain data, Litecoin has surpassed the second-biggest blockchain, ETHereum, by the number of active addresses. Besides, Litecoin's payment count has reached a new all-time high.

      Litecoin flips ETHereum in terms of address activity

      Popular analytics vendor Santiment has tweeted that the 15th largest blockchain LTC has exceeded the biggest DEFI and NFT platform token, ETH, by active wallets.

      Santiment analysts believe that Ethereum on-chain activity may be under pressure due to the current high fees.

      Besides, Santiment tweeted that Litecoin's payment count that measures the number of LTC-receiving wallets has surged to a new historic peak.

       Walmart-Litecoin partnership proves fake

      In mid-September, the news was spread about the retail giant Walmart planning to start accepting the “digital silver,” LTC. That first gave Litecoin a little boost; however, later on, this proved to be fake news.

      Litecoin Foundation chief Charlie Lee told the mainstream media that he had fallen for that unconfirmed rumor and retweeted it without realizing it was fake and then removed the tweet quickly.

      It seems that there are certain expectations in the crypto community as to possible partnerships of top crypto companies with business giants from the non-crypto sphere. The rumor about Litecoin and Walmart seems to be one example of that, and recent rumors of a Cardano and Amazon partnership are swirling as well.

      Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently tweeted that he does not know of any approaching partnership with the e-commerce behemoth and, thus, cannot confirm that the companies will be teaming up.

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