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Cardano Partners with Chainlink to Integrate Oracles for Advanced Smart Contracts

WikiBit 2021-09-26 11:59

Abstract:Cardano joins forces with Chainlink to provide extra support for developers building smart contracts by integrating oracles.

  The Cardano team has just published a blog post, announcing a partnership with ChainLINK that will result in integrating Chainlinks oracles. These will help developers build smart contracts for Cardano DEFI apps.

  The collaboration was announced during the Cardano Summit today, on September 25.

  Cardano teams up with Chainlink

  Chainlinks oracle networks supply data to blockchain networks and allow smart contracts to work with results of elections, sports statistics, crypto rates, ETC. They can also operate weather data (Chainlink is now working with some fintech companies that are bringing parametric insurance to South Africa) and other types of data as well.

  Chainlink oracles help run hybrid smart contracts on any DLT network. Presently, Chainlink secures billions of USD in DeFi apps, gaming apps, platforms related to insurance and other top industries.

  Chainlink to power Cardano smart contracts

  The integration of these oracles in the Cardano DLT will allow dev teams to supply institutional-grade data provided by Chainlink into their smart contracts. The oracles will support prediction apps that deal with sports data, weather data necessary for parametric insurance apps; they will be applied in the sphere of gaming and digital collectibles, like NFTs, etc, via multiple partnerships.

  Founder of IOHK Charles Hoskinson stated that Chainlink oracles are necessary for advanced smart contracts and they will provide real-world data to the Cardano blockchain. He emphasized that Cardano intends to provide developers with best tools for creating solutions that will be of actual use.

  Hoskinson believes that Chainlink oracle integration will also provide a perfect foundation for the DeFi ecosystem on Cardano.

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