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    Bitcoin price dips below $38K, with bullish traders eyeing a new higher low next

    Abstract:The hunt to establish firm support higher up the $30,000 channel continues amid confidence that the worst of the longer-term retracement is already over.

      The hunt to establish firm support higher up the $30,000 channel continues amid confidence that the worst of the longer-term retracement is already over.

      Bitcoin (BTC) briefly fell below $38,000 on Tuesday as signs of a retracement from range highs continued to flow in.

      BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewCaution before BTCs price swings lower

      Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD tapping $37,960 on Bitstamp before rebounding.

      Still trading 3.7% lower on the day, the pair had come off local highs above $42,500 on the weekend amid concerns over regulatory moves from the United States this week.

      As Cointelegraph reported, analysts were already hoping that a correction would take Bitcoin several thousand dollars lower in order to create a pattern of higher lows, from which it could continue its upside.

      The target zone, lying around $36,000, was now key to hold in order to prevent what trader Pentoshi called “worst case scenarios.”

      “Deviations wrecking those people who dont plan for them,” he warned Twitter followers alongside a chart showing key price levels.

      “Ill bid on range high reclaim OR in the grey box for a HL. If we fall below the mid range and start closing below then you need to plan for some worst case scenarios. These are my only two triggers for a long (at the moment).”

      BTC/USD target chart. Source: Pentoshi/Twitter

      Exchange levels differed only slightly from that hypothesis on Tuesday, with major support lingering at $35,000 on BINANCE.

      Resistance was in place at $41,000, with the range high of $42,500 now of major interest among sellers.

      BTC/USD Buy and sell levels (Binance) as of Aug. 3. Source: Material Indicators/TwitterAnalyst: Bitcoin retrace “has happened”

      Zooming out, meanwhile, fellow trader and analyst Rekt Capital has found sense in longer-term price action, potentially reinforcing $29,000 as a floor.

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      On a yearly timeframe within four-year cycles, $29,000 has provided support in 2021, placing post-halving behavior firmly in historical context.

      Others had also taken heart from Bitcoins July turnaround and monthly close, among them stock-to-flow price model creator PlanB.

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